bugs, small dogs & keeping clean ...

tis all go here at curious.and.coe HQ. me & my brother Mouse were put on packing duties as the orders started flooding in. we took this job very seriously & decided to both clean up before we began

by the end of opening day i was completely wiped out, i do not recall a day when i had not spent 22 out of 24 hrs asleep on Marlon's bed. it was rather good to see how the other half live but i must confess it was not for me. i am hopeful after the first few days of excitement things will return to their usual slow paced living. 

this morn i asked Tif to take a photo of me on my desk,

i felt it most important that folks can see where i send out the Milo Mews from. it is in the corner of Marlon's bedroom, they set me up with an old folding table from the garage & Tif kindly stuck a few beetle & moth pictures up for my entertainment. you see dear reader, i do like a bug or two, in the summer i can be found on insect duty, Tif does ask me not to be, but i cannot help myself & thus any bug or flying thing that finds its way into my nest will also find its way into my tummy. please do not judge me, it is just my way of keeping the fly population down around here.

do i have anything of any interest to report in aside from my love of bugs, i fear not, although i have heard on the grapevine Little Olive (a small dog with an olive spot) who resides with us had 23 teeth removed a few days back, 23!!! how can that be i exclaimed to myself, i then went through many reasons why cats are far preferable to dogs & especially when it comes to matters of hygiene. i also noted dogs appear to eat anything & everything no matter what it is, or where it came from. i on the other hand being a cat am super picky & only eat the best choice cuts of kibble & of course, ripe juicy flies that happen to come a knocking.

- Milo