hip hip hooray! tis 'grand opening' day...

it is finally here, hip hip hooray! tis 'grand opening' day! 

i cannot believe it has actually happened, i did not think i would ever have an online store again but as they say, never say never. this time around a lot of the behind the scenes nitty gritty has been taken on by Marlon, & i for one am truly thankful. i have come to the conclusion it is much more fun with two & not just one. 

this morn i was gripped with a rising panic, the little voice from the depths with his mantras of negativity "what if it all goes wrong?", "what if folks do not like the store?", "what if you are not enough?"... around & around he went, i swear he threw a few good cackles in there too for good measure.

"ENOUGH" said Tif "ENOUGH" (for i have started talking in uppercases/capitals at times like these or when i get super giddy about something. i once was quite against such a criminal use of capitals & oh so judgmental of those who partook in such crimes & then i got off my high donkey & dared to look outside of my narrow minded view of uppercase use. oh the freedom that came, oh the joy of POPPING a few in here & THERE). & thus i found myself saying "ENOUGH" to the little voice within, stopping him in his tracks... "what if" i said "what if it all goes RIGHT, what if folks LOVE the store & lordy, dare you even dare such a thing, what if you are ENOUGH?" & all went quiet within. i heard a little shuffling, a little gahumping & then a small quieter voice came from below "well yes, i guess that is a possibility, one i didn't dare to dream of before... "

~ Tif